Student insurance for international students to study abroad


Studying abroad presents an immensely enriching opportunity for personal and academic growth. It's a journey filled with anticipated rewards and invaluable experiences. Each year, multiple students took up this path, seeking to broaden their horizons and gain unparalleled exposure. Yet, amidst the excitement, uncertainties can arise.

To address these uncertainties, student insurance emerges as a vital safeguard against unexpected health and travel-related expenses. While the charm of studying abroad is undeniable, the reality is that unforeseen circumstances can occur. Student insurance acts as a protective shield, offering coverage and support during times of need.

This insurance not only provides financial coverage for medical emergencies but also extends its support to address various travel-related challenges. Whether it's coping with healthcare expenses or navigating unexpected disruptions, student insurance serves as a safety net, ensuring that students can focus on their educational pursuits with peace of mind.

Basic insurance for studying abroad under student insurance:

Student insurance tailored for studying abroad relies on three crucial pillars to ensure comprehensive coverage for students. These three pillars under student insurance include the following:

  1. Term Insurance: Providing financial security during the validity period, safeguarding against unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Health Insurance: Vital coverage for illnesses or injuries while residing or travelling in the host country, ensuring access to necessary medical care.
  3. Travel insurance: Travel Insurance acts as a safety net for the entire journey, offering protection against unexpected incidents while travelling and ensuring peace of mind throughout the study abroad experience.

These aspects collectively form a robust safety net, addressing diverse needs and potential challenges students might encounter during their educational pursuits in a foreign land. The insurance aims not just to mitigate risks but to empower students to focus on their studies and experiences without worrying about unforeseen adversities."

Benefits of student insurance:

Student insurance holds significant value for those embarking on studies abroad. Here are the key benefits it offers:

  • Emergency Evacuation: In cases of serious illness or injury, student insurance often covers transportation, facilitating emergency evacuation either back home or to a well-equipped medical facility capable of handling the situation.
  • Travel Assistance: This includes a range of services such as help with lost passports, language translation, legal referrals, emergency support, and creating a safety net in unfamiliar territories.
  • Health Coverage: Comprehensive coverage spans hospital stays, prescriptions, doctor visits, and emergency medical care. This is particularly vital in countries with high healthcare costs, ensuring students can access necessary medical treatment without financial strain.
  • Peace of Mind: Safeguarding students and their families against unexpected medical or travel-related emergencies while studying abroad benefits both parties. This peace of mind allows for a focus on education and experiences rather than worrying about unforeseen situations.
  • Accident Coverage: Our accident coverage ensures that students receive the necessary care and financial assistance in the event of accidental injuries, disabilities, or injuries caused by unforeseen events.

Where can I get student insurance for studying abroad?

Student insurance becomes a crucial safety net for those venturing overseas. Available through private and government banks, as well as the increasingly influential NBFCs (non-banking financial corporations), this insurance is not just an option but often a requirement.

Interestingly, some overseas education loan policies from specific banks or NBFCs include mandatory student insurance, emphasising its importance in securing one's educational journey. Furthermore, certain international universities stipulate student insurance as a prerequisite for enrollment.

While it might require a slightly higher investment, obtaining comprehensive coverage is a wise decision. It ensures protection against unforeseen events that could otherwise disrupt your academic pursuits or well-being while abroad. Ultimately, this proactive approach offers peace of mind, allowing students to focus on their studies and experiences without undue concern about potential mishaps.

When is student insurance required?

Students pursuing studies abroad may encounter certain situations where they require additional support, especially when handling unforeseen challenges. So, it is advisable for a student to have student insurance. Here are a few scenarios where having student insurance proves invaluable:

  • During admission: Banks or universities often require student insurance as a prerequisite when planning to study abroad. In certain cases, banks or universities require student insurance to ensure that students are covered right from the start.
  • Medical Emergencies: Accessing quality healthcare in a foreign country can be costly. Student insurance serves as a financial safety net, providing coverage for medical expenses during emergencies.
  • Study Interruptions: Unexpected illnesses or circumstances may disrupt studies. With an insurance plan in place, students need not worry about losing their tuition fees or facing financial setbacks due to interruptions.


The journey of studying abroad is filled with excitement, growth, and unforeseen challenges. Amidst the allure of new experiences, uncertainties can arise. So in such cases, taking student insurance is a crucial safeguard for those venturing overseas. The benefits of student insurance extend far beyond financial coverage and include emergency evacuation, travel assistance, and much more. Banks, universities, or student loan for study abroad policies set acquiring student insurance as a prerequisite. Ultimately, student insurance proves invaluable during admission, in medical emergencies, and to mitigate study interruptions. It stands as a safety net, empowering students to pursue their educational aspirations with confidence.

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