Cost of Living in the United Kingdom for International Students


The United Kingdom holds a captivating charm for numerous international students, primarily due to its prestigious universities such as the University of West London and De Montfort University, among others. However, the substantial cost associated with studying and living in the UK can be surprising for many students, potentially causing some to reconsider their plans.

While the high expenses may deter some from pursuing education in the UK, the job opportunities available in the country often serve as a compelling counterbalance. The prospect of rewarding and diverse employment opportunities becomes a significant factor that attracts students, despite the initial financial considerations. This delicate interplay between the cost of education and the promising job landscape contributes to the complex decision-making process for students contemplating a UK education.

Average living expenses for international students in the UK:

The average cost of living in the UK typically ranges from £12,000 to £18,000 per year, which is influenced by various factors that collectively contribute to the overall expenses for international students. This comprehensive assessment encompasses accommodation, travel, and food expenses, reflecting the nature of the student experience.

It is crucial to emphasise that the mentioned average cost does not involve the annual tuition fee, which, on average, can be around £10,000 per annum. Understanding this breakdown is essential for international students to effectively plan their budget and financial resources.

Moreover, the cost of living is subject to fluctuations based on several dynamic factors. These dynamic factors include the choice of course, its duration, the country of study, the specific university selected, and other variables that can significantly impact the overall expenses. For instance, studying in London involves notably higher living costs compared to other regions in the UK. This necessitates a thoughtful approach to budgeting for students considering or currently pursuing their education in the capital.

By taking these elements into account, students can make informed decisions, ensuring a realistic and sustainable financial plan for their educational journey in the United Kingdom.

Accommodation cost:

International students have two primary accommodation options: on-campus and off-campus. On-campus, students can find halls of residence, while off-campus options include rented apartments and private accommodations.

For on-campus accommodation, the cost typically falls within the range of £500 to £800 per month. In contrast, off-campus accommodation, which includes rented apartments and private options, generally ranges from £650 to £1000 per month.

Cost of food:

Managing food expenses is an essential aspect of budgeting for international students, encompassing various items like groceries, vegetables, milk, fruits, and other daily necessities. On average, allocating around £200 per month for these essentials provides a reasonable estimate.

It's important to note that, beyond the routine grocery shopping, there may be occasions when students crave a restaurant experience. Including the occasional indulgence in dining out, the cost of a single restaurant meal can average around £15. Therefore, students should factor in both regular grocery expenses and occasional dining out when planning their monthly budget to ensure a comprehensive and realistic financial plan.

Cost of studying in the United Kingdom (tuition fees):

The cost of studying in the United Kingdom exhibits significant variation, influenced by several key factors, such as:

  • Chosen course
  • University
  • Preferred country
  • Preferred city
  • Academic level of study

To provide a more detailed overview, we have compiled a summary of the cost of studying at some top universities in the following table:

Top Universities in the UK 

Undergraduate Level (approximately)

Postgraduate Level (approximately)

University of West London

£17,000 - £20,000

£15,000 - £17,500

University of Central Lancashire

£14,000 - £16,500

£15,000 - £17,500

DeMontfort University 

£14,000- £17,000

£17,000 - £20,000

Cardiff Metropolitan University 

£15,500 - £21,000

£17,000 - £21,500

Birmingham City University 

£14,000 - £17,000

£16,000 - £19,500 


Travel and transportation costs:

Certainly, when residing in a particular location, there will be times that necessitate travel to various destinations. The motivations for travel can vary, ranging from daily commuting to exploring new places or attending academic institutions. For those planning to pursue their studies in the UK, it's worth noting that the cost of using public transportation, like trains or buses, is estimated to be around £30–£40 per month.

However, if you prefer the convenience of taxis, booking one for a short one-mile journey could cost approximately £7–£11. This estimation provides a glimpse into the potential transportation expenses one might encounter while living and studying in the UK. It's essential to consider these costs as part of your overall budget when planning your stay in a new location.

Miscellaneous Expenses:

There are certain things that might not be included in the above cases, but they turn out to be an addition to the cost of an individual living in the UK. So, there is a table below that indicates these expenses:

Additional Expenses


Gas and electricity 

£60 - £70 

Internet and mobile phone bills

£70 - £100


£10 - £15

Study material (books, stationery, etc.)

£30 - £50 

Clothing and shoes 

£50 - £80

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Prestigious universities underscore the United Kingdom's appeal to international students, but the associated high costs of education and living may initially deter some. However, the promise of lucrative job opportunities often serves as a compelling counterbalance. Understanding the breakdown of average living expenses, tuition fees, and miscellaneous costs is crucial for effective budget planning.

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