BOB Abroad Education Loan Parameters

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Loan Limit

Premier Listing - Rs - 1.5 Cr
Non-Premier Listing - Rs 7.50 Lacs to 1.5 Cr

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Premier Listing - 10.40%
Non-Premier Listing - 10.75% to 11.15%

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12 months \ 15 years



Margin Money

  • Premier : 100% funding
  • Non Premier : 90% + 10%

Processing Fee

  • Up to Rs.7.50 Lakh: NIL
  • Above Rs.7.50 Lakh: 1.00% of Loan/+ GST

Processing Time

20 - 25 days

Prepayment Charges


Study Level & Course

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Master's degree
  • Undergraduate diploma/certificate
  • Graduate diploma

Expenses Covered

  • College, institution, university fees
  • Hostel and mess charges
  • Examination, library, laboratory fees
  • Books, equipment, instruments, uniforms
  • Personal computers, laptops if necessary
  • Travel expenses
  • Caution deposit, building fund, refundable deposit (up to 10% of total tuition fees)
  • Course-related expenses like study tours, project works, thesis, etc.
  • Insurance premium for student borrower

“External coaching/tuition costs are not included. Detailed expense information can be obtained from the college/institution. “

Property Acceptable

  • Residential flat
  • House
  • Open plot
  • Shop
  • Commercial property

“ Loan amount: 100% of the realisable value of the property is sanctioned. “

Collateral & Non-Collateral



  • Parents
  • Parents-in-law
  • Siblings
  • Parent's siblings
  • Spouse
  • First cousins

Offer Letter

  • In the USA, if a student receives an acceptance letter from the university, they can proceed with the education loan application. There is no need to wait for the issuance of the I-20 form.


  • Graduation: Job-oriented professional/technical courses offered by reputed universities.
  • Post-Graduation: MCA, MBA, MS, etc.
  • Courses conducted by institutions like CIMA-London, CPA in the USA, etc.
  • Regular degree/diploma courses such as aeronautical, pilot training, shipping, etc., recognized by local Aviation/Shipping authorities and regulatory bodies for employment purposes.
  • Certificate Course
  • Premier institutes for management courses.
  • Premier institutes for STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) after completing the 10+2 course
  • Premier institutes for medical courses.
  • Premier institutes for other education fields like law, economics, econometrics, art, performing arts, and design courses.
  • Loans may also be considered for other courses abroad under the normal education loan scheme, excluding management, STEM, medical, and other education courses offered by institutes/universities in the above lists.
  • Education loans for courses offered by universities/institutes for study abroad, not mentioned in the above lists, can also be considered without preferential treatment.

Student Eligibility

  • Must be an Indian national.
  • Should have secured admission to professional/technical courses abroad through entrance tests or merit-based selection processes.


  • 1% processing charge (maximum of Rs. 10,000) for loans above Rs. 7.50 lakh will be refunded upon loan availment (first disbursement) for premium institutions.
  • No processing charge for loans up to Rs. 7.50 lakh.
  • Free debit card provided.
  • No documentation charges.
  • No security required for loans up to Rs. 7.50 lakh.

How To Apply:-

  • Online application and document upload.
  • Processing and approval.
  • Loan sanction and disbursal.


  • KYC of applicant and co-applicants (such as identity proof, address proof, etc).
  • Academic Records
  • Proof of admission
  • Entrance Exam Result(if applicable)
  • Statement of cost of study/ Schedule of expenses
  • Income Proof for Salaried Co-applicant/ Guarantor (if applicable)
  • Bank account statement for last 6 months etc
  • Property Documents (if applicable)


Yes, No collateral needs to be provided for education loans of up to Rs. 7.5 Lakhs lakh for the identified premier institutes.

It usually takes 10-15 working days for Bank of Baroda to approve and disburse abroad education loans.

There are multiple benefits to choosing Bank of Baroda to get an education loan to study abroad, including:

For loan amounts less than INR 7.5 lakh, an individual is not required to provide collateral. On the other hand, in a higher loan amount case, there is a requirement for collateral.

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